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Last Update: 1/23/2021 4:08:02 PM

There are plenty of fish (POF) in the sea, and a lot of the profiles smell really fishy! As with many free dating sites, there are going to be fake profiles. The online consensus is POF leads the way with fake profiles. However, POF has one of the better fake profile removal rates vor profiles that spam. That's if enough people complain about a fake profile. POF also does a good job at tracking I.P. address of fake profiles and will remove a new fake profile if it logs on from the same I.P. Address. But the like fish in the, so are the number of people creating fake profiles; bountiful! Plenty of Fish is a positive scam dating site. The popular term for this practice is "Romance Scam", and the term has been used by POF itself.

Many of the fake profiles will always ask you to chat with them via email of Kik within minutes of contacting you. Often, If you send a fake profile a message they will respond to your messages (probably with a reply consisting of their personal email) but won’t start another one message. Face it, spamming is busy work and they got lots of people to reply to besides you. Which brings up another reason who fake profiles take so long to reply to you.

Unlike other sites, where you have a guy pretending to be a woman. This site has a proliferation of professional scammers, many in third world countries who will actually take the time to develop a report with a potential scam victim. Common signs are a fake profile will provide a phone number that always go to some type of voicemail or forwarding message forwarding system, or they will call you from a weird looking phone number.

The profiles are often poorly written, and have a couple of photos that look like they were taken in a portrait studio (usually only two pictures). The best way to catch a fake profile on these this site is request a picture of them holding something that you specifically describe, ie, a glass of water, book, etc. If the profile is fake they won't be able to quickly generate a photo of them holding the object you requested to be in the picture.

The bottom line is POF has one of the quickest profile setups among the dating sites out there. It's very easy and simple for someone to create a fake profile one minute and create another if that one got recently deleted. So use your best judgment on whether to keep a fish, or toss back into the sea.

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