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How to Expose a Fake Profile

Just don't report a fake profile, expose them for others to see!

Online dating is quick gaining popularity as it is the easiest way to search for love. Online dating agencies are booming industries. Already about half of American adult singles are using online dating services to find their perfect match. Despite all the advantages of online dating, there are still risks involved. One of the major risk is the issue of fake online dating profiles. You can avoid heart break by learning how to identify fake online dating profile.  Simply reporting them to the dating site staff may get the profile removed, but that's just part of it.  Exposing a fake profile could actually alert someone already in contact with the fake profile and save them potential financial and/or personal harm.  Here are just a few methods to expose a fake profile:

1. Search for their profile in the DontDateAplayer Busted Profile Section. This will put their profile name in the listed directory for a particular dating site where others can spot it and Flag it if necessary. The more Flags received indicates something is not right about the profile.

2. Ask specific questions about their profile, i.e. how long have they been a member, when and where did they take pictures in their profile, how old are the pictures. Ask lots of little questions and record their answers. Then ask to them elaborate about one of the questions to see if something changed in their answer. Unless they wrote everything down chances are they won't even remember small details about what they told you.

3. Use to search for their images online at other sites. Google their profile name to see if someone has already posted a complaint about them.

4. Ask for normal personal info, their first, email, Facebook, Kik, etc. Google combinations of what they provided, i.e., first followed by email address. This might actually result in links to email conversations, things they've posted before, etc.

5. Search their profile name on other dating sites and compare the profiles for inconsistencies.

6. Send us specific questions you would like validated and we might contact the profile and send you the results!

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