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What to do if you've been Scammed

Don't be emabassed and not report it!

Unfortunately, despite the numerous warnings about online dating scams, many people still innocently become victim to them. For those who have found themselves in this position, the following advice may help.

1. If you believe you are being scammed, never part with money. In the case of the person who wants you to pay for air fare, and if you really have become emotionally attached to them, turn the tables. Offer to fly to meet them, always taking a friend with you of course. Furthermore, if you should never pay a subscription to a site that demands money before you can even have a trial of the site.

2. If you have parted with money before you realized it was a scam. In this case, it is likely that you will have lost that money. However, the minute you realize this is the situation, do not part with any more.

3. However emotionally hard it may be. Cease all further correspondence with the scammer. In the case of other members, if you have reached the stage of exchanging email addresses or, even worse, telephone numbers, arrange with the provider to have all communication from the scammer blocked. The same advice is true for online dating sites.

4. Immediately report the scammer to the site where you met them, and post their profile here at . All reputable sites will rapidly take action to ban this person from their membership.

5. In instances where the site itself is suspected to be a scam, report this to the service provider and the office of fair-trading.

6. If you have paid a subscription by using a credit card, bank or online financial process such as PayPal, report the scam to these organizations as well. This may or may not help to get your money back, but it will certainly instigate an investigation, which unscrupulous organizations cannot afford.

7. Report the incident to the police. This is especially important in a situation where the scam is a false identity issue, as in addition to helping you; it will help to protect the safety of others, particularly the younger person.

When looking for love online you are at you most vulnerable emotionally, and this is what the unscrupulous person or online dating organization is looking for, and when they will try to take advantage. It is therefore important to use both your head and your heart when looking for love online. Take sensible precautions to protect your money, and more importantly your safety, check out the site and its members thoroughly before making a commitment, and report any potential scam to the appropriate online and land based authorities.

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