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How to Spot Fake Profiles

What is a Fake Dating Profile?

A fake dating profile is a profile created on a dating service that inaccurately represents the person creating the profile. It is used to mislead other members of the dating service for varying reasons. Most fake profiles (75%+) are of woman.

There are three main types of fake profiles:

1. The first one is relatively harmless but the most common. It is created by the average person quickly just to gain access to the site by using a free trial membership. They use these memberships to check out what the dating site has to offer them. The profile usually contain minimal information and one word answers. This makes them fairly easy to spot and thus can be avoided. Almost always these profiles are without photo's. Since they are easy to spot you would think that the dating sites would remove them rather quickly. This is not always the case, since they can use these profiles to inflate their numbers of how many members they have.

2. The second fake profile type is probably the hardest to spot. It again contains bogus information about the member, but the information used is usually what is most commonly searched for in the dating world. As an example a male or female under thirty who is trim and good looking. The picture used is usually of some good looking person probably taken from another dating sites member profile. This type of fake profile is created to create more responses from other members. The person wishes to lead other members on just for the fun of it (don't ask me why?} or to actually try and get a date hoping that when the person actually see's them and gets to know them, all lies will be forgiven!

3. The last fake profile type is created to indirectly make money for the profile owner. Half the time, these fake profiles contain actual photo's of the person along with an exaggerated profile. These profiles are usually created by escorts or people from porn sites. They do this, with the idea that you will like this persons photo and profile so much, that you would willing to pay to see more of them. These type of profiles are mainly geared towards men and/or people with certain fetishes. Dating Services don't like these profiles since they degrade their site and can take potential money from them. Not always easily to spot at first (some can be blatantly obvious though), these profile are usually removed when enough members complain about them.

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