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Advertising Rates and Information

Advertise on our website, we have very low rates, and many ad media formats. We do not accept advertising from or for anyone or anything that contains or promotes any type of pornography or any hate, bigotry or other stupidity. We reserve the right not to accept ads from or for anyone or anything we, in our sole judgment, feel to be inappropriate for DontDateAPlayer's Website.

How are ads sold?

All banner runs are sold on a calendar month basis. Runs beginning other than the first of the month end on the corresponding day of the following month.

How are ads displayed on this site?

Top and Bottom of page ads are displayed on a rotating basis (except for page-targeted ads). As an example, if there are ten banners currently in the rotation, each will be displayed, on average, once for every ten pages called by website visitors. If our current average is 35,000 page views per day, each banner would be seen about 3,500 times per day. Right-side banners are displayed, in random order, every time a page on which they appear is called by a visitor. Note that short pages display only a portion of the banners, randomly selected. On long pages, like the Home page and many article pages, all banners are shown each time the page is called.

How will we know if people are clicking on my ad?

Once your Top/Bottom position banner is placed in rotation, you will be able to check the stats for your account in real time at any time after the first 24 hours. We will email you an account name and password to use when you log in.

May we have more than one banner at a time showing?

Yes. You may have up to three banners per Top or Bottom position banner account. All must be the same size and all will link to the same landing page. If you run multiple banners, each time it is your account's turn in the rotation, the software randomly chooses one of the available banners. Running multiple banners helps prevent visitors growing so used to seeing your banner they no longer notice it.

May we use the three banners to advertise three different products or services?

Yes, but again, all must be the same size and all will link to the same landing page. Also note the software cannot track the individual banner displays and click-through. It only tracks totals per account.

Can we change the banner halfway through the run?

If you would like to change banners, we can call the banners from your server. That lets you change them as often as you want to test the response of different graphics and messages.

What does it cost to advertise on the DontDateAPlayer's Home website?

SHU Website Rate Sheet

All rates are per banner account per calendar month with unlimited exposures and click-through. A banner account is one with one or more same-sized banners that all link to the same landing page. All banner dimensions in pixels.

Site wide Banners

Top of page


Bottom of page


Top & Bottom of page 1


Banner size: Minimum: 120px wide by 60px high. Maximum: 728px wide by 90px high.


NOTE: Banners must be in gif, jpg, or png format. Animated banners okay but refresh rate may not be less than once per 4 seconds

  1 The same banner(s) will run in both positions. To show separate banners requires two banner accounts which doubles cost.

Right-Column Banners



For Top and Bottom of page ads, discounts are offered
for runs of 3 to 12 months when entire run is pre-paid.

3 to 5 months — 20%
6 to 12 months — 25%

For Right-side ads, discounts are offered
for runs of 4 to 12 months when entire run is pre-paid.

4 to 6 months — 10%
7 to 12 months — 15%

Ask about our New Advertiser Special

We do not accept advertising on the left side of our pages.

How can we order a banner run?

To place your order for website advertising, please contact Advertising Manager via email to or contact us using the contact form.

How can we pay for our banner run?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, or American Express credit cards when you place your order or you may mail your payment using a personal or company check or a bank or postal money order made out to SOCIAL NET MEDIA, INC. Mail payment to: SOCIAL NET MEDIA, INC, P.O. Box 123, Richmond, Va 23218.

What about the actual banner?

Banner ads cannot sell your product or service; only your landing page and website can do that. The sole purpose of your banner is to get potential customers to click on your ad and go to your website. If you annoy them or make them work too hard to read too much, they will often ignore the banner. Simple, quick-to-read ads tend to get the best response. Please keep that in mind when designing your banner. Animated GIFs are okay for Top and Bottom position banners but refresh rate must be at least 4 seconds. Maximum file size: 30 KB Graphics should be correctly sized in .GIF, .PNG, or .JPG format.

Additional terms and conditions

Advertising is not considered accepted and banners will not be scheduled for inclusion until payment has been received and cleared and ad graphics have been approved.

All rates are in U.S. dollars.

SOCIAL NET MEDIA, INC reserves the right to approve the content and design of all banners prior to the beginning of the ad run, and reserves the right to refuse advertising for any reason or for none.

Thank you for your interest in advertising on the DontDateAPlayer Website.