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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a social media site that allows people to connect and share stories about someone who they were in a bad or deceptive relationship with, and want to warn others about that person.

What is a player?

Here at a player is defined as a male or female who is engaged in multiple relationships in a deceptive manner.  A player often lies and cheats on the person who they think they are in an exclusive relationship with or working towards.

How do I report someone as a player?

To post a player profile about a person that you know is a player you must first create an account.  Next, create a player profile, upload their photo, and write a brief description about what the player did to warrant being posted here.

What do I do if someone reported me as a player?

If someone created a player profile about you and you wish to have the profile removed, you must contact the person here and request to have the profile removed.

What if they won't remove the player profile about me?

If the person who created the profile refuses to remove the player profile about you, you must initiate a formal request to have the profile removed via arbitration.  This process will require the person who created the player profile to provide additional and verifiable information about why they felt you are a player.  If they fail to provide the additional information within 72 hours, the player profile will be removed.   However, If the additional information is provided the player profile can only be removed by paying a $25 administrative removal fee; which will block anyone from posting further profiles about you.